Persant is a company specialized in the extraction of underground waters that he offers him the quickest and economic solutions for each necessity.
We have a human team with great experience accumulated in the sector during more than 20 years.
The human capital next to the application of the appropriate machinery, they allow to make sure the execution of the work executions in short term and with great quality.

Juan Bautista Santiago García
Bda. Juan Porras,2
29200 ANTEQUERA (Málaga)

Tel/Fax:  952 84 57 23
    Móvil:  690 85 26 93
Sice: 2m wide x 2,20m high
(with folded tower) a lot of mobility with rubber caterpillars

Specialists in works in chalets, parcels and places of difficult access.


1. Mechanical perforation in entubación with maximum diameter 180mm, in iron and PVC, and appraising the aquifer levels located to proceed to the later expansion of the poll and to obtain a reception of more flow and definitive. This procedure allows to assure the success of a definitive perforation.

2. For this perforation we have teams to cross all type of lands or strata for procedures of pneumatic rotopercusión that guarantee a great speed, being able to make THEIR WELL IN A SHORT TERM OF TIME.

The micropilots is elements with a carrying inferior capacity to that of the piles, but that they are necessary in works in which it is not feasible the execution of conventional piles, either due to the nature of the lands to perforate, difficulties of accesses, etc... They are applied in recalces, contentions, land consolidations. Injecting the interior nucleus of the perforation with cement grout or mortar and preparing armor formed for round or tubular of steel.